Alex Pall Of The Chainsmokers Makes Headlines With Newest Music Choices

EDM is a music genre that is hard to make your way into. Once you are in though, you tend to buiild a fan base of fans which will follow you for many years. One of those bands that fans flock to is The Chainsmokers. They are well known for hits like “Roses”, “Closer” and even “Don’t Let Me Down”. The band is focused more on the electronic side more than they are for the lyrics or vocals.

The Chainsmokers band consist of band members Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. For the band mates, when they first started playing together, they enjoyed what they did because of the experience they were getting but also because they were doing what they love. Lately, the band mates have been mixing it up a bit by also performing real lyrics for their fans. For them, the experience was like no other because no one else was performing this way. It made the bar even higher for others to reach if they wanted to be someone.

What is even more impressive about the whole thing is that the band mates are singing about things that have really happened in their own lives. They are taking their life experiences and making them into songs. For their albums, they may not write all the songs that are being performed but they are involved in all the songs in one shape or another.

Not only has the band worked hard to be sure that they are performing top singles, they are also working with top artists who have experience in the music field. One of those performers is Halsey. She worked closely with the band to perform on “Closer”. The band couldnt have asked for someone better to work with. They were a fan of hers well before they had her perform on the single. For the single choice, Drew worked with a pal to write the song while sitting on the tour bus. That is how personal the song is for them. Making the step to include her on the song was something that didnt have to be thought over.

How Rocket Education Brightens the Future of Low-Income Students

It is amazing that some schools in some places like Tennessee are able to know the academic progress the students were able to make last year, while this was not possible in some places. In fact, the elementary schools in places like Davidson County are likely to wait for one more year before they can assess the academic growth their students managed to achieve last year. As the results get released this fall, most of the elementary schools will focus on student proficiency. However, a newer technique that helps public schools to assess student progress has come. It is able to tell how much academic growth the student was able to achieve in the previous year.

To ensure that successful academic ecosystems have been created, Rocket Education has come in handy. It is a non-profit network aimed at improving the learning model and systems in schools. For any parent who wants their children to enjoy a bright future later, investing in good education is not optional. However, this doesn’t always happen since some of the aged students in the public schools are forced to attend some of the underperforming schools within their region. Rocket Education is a great network that regulates the public charter schools especially the elementary ones with the aged students.

This network was founded to ensure that every child has equal academic chances to succeed. The team behind the Rocket program ensures that all the children enrolled in any of the charter schools are provided with equal opportunities and space to help them realize their full potential. The program is much keen on the parents’ involvement in whatever that goes on during the learning process. Rocket Education is focused to see that it has enrolled most of the children who come from low-income families in its programs.

Rocket Education was founded in 2006 with the aim of ensuring that the children who come from the upper, middle backgrounds and those who come from low-income backgrounds have a bridged gap. The team behind this network does everything possible to ensure the program is sustainable. Rocket Education has now crossed to four states in the United States and it has reached over 21 schools in these states.

Understanding The Tweet Storm Of Shervin Pishevar

The nice thing about reading the tweets of Shervin Pishevar is that you do not have to have a degree in economics to understand what he is talking about. He keeps things interesting and lively in a way that a lot of economics reporting simply is not. He tries to spice things up and keep his readers coming back for more. So far to this point he has been highly successful in doing just that. He has made it possible for the everyday person to see exactly what he is talking about and actually come to their own conclusions about exactly how much they should trust the reporting of this person. You have to admit that he has changed the landscape of the way in which these issues are talked about even if you are not the biggest fan of Shervin Pishevar.

Recently he went on his latest tweet storm to talk about a whole range of issues. It was a delightful series of messages in which Shervin Pishevar covered almost everything that has been in the news lately regarding economics. He even threw in some topics that perhaps do not get as much coverage on the news.

The Last Great Startups?- Are Uber and AirBnb the last great hopes that the United States has to offer the world in terms of startups? They are if you ask Shervin Pishevar about it. He does not believe that startups in the United States will retain so many of the advantages that they held over startups in other countries in the past.

Is The American Dream Dead?- People start to get a little touchy when you suggest that the American Dream might be dead. Shervin Pishevar had no problem going there there. As a venture capitalist, he is fearful about what he is seeing in the markets.

Bitcoin- This cryptocurrency troubles Shervin Pishevar in a way, but he does not think that it is completely meaningless like so many other Wall Street types do. He thinks that there is some value in it but that investors should be cautious and perhaps wait until it falls to much lower levels.

Adam Milstein, a true Jewish Patriot

Adam Milstein is a native of Israel born in Haifa by parents from two countries, making him an Israel-American. In 1981, he was able to earn an MBA from USC. Adam Milstein is an entrepreneur as seen by his co-founding of Adam and Gila Milstein foundation. His entrepreneurial skills are not just manifested in his foundation as he is also a managing partner. He is responsible for managing Hager Pacific Properties finances, properties, and disposition. Also, being an Israel-American enables him to head the Israel-American council as its chairman.

Adam Milstein is not only passionate about leadership but also in philanthropic work. His foundation supporting many charitable organizations is a clear indication he has a philanthropist heart. He is mostly involved in philanthropy to strengthen Jewish people and Israel nation. Adam Milstein’s passion extends to humanitarian acts being involved in many fundraising activities. Also, he has come together with people he shares the same ideas, for the well-being of the society. He is also a pro-Israel activist and for the Jewish Education.

Adam Milstein has been able to write his views on radicalization for Jewish News Syndicate (JNS). On one of his article, he acknowledged that anti- Semitism is the main reason why radical Muslim movements are founded. He also added that this anti-Semitism gave birth to a community known as the radical leftism which contributed to that radicalized breeding hate, bigotry, and racism. The radical leftist had come together with the radicalized Muslims to be involved in vices; stoning women, being against gays and not recognizing the rights of the minorities and less fortunate in society. He added that Linda Sarsour among others came together for the common purpose of achieving freedom of speech, tolerance, and anti-Semitism.

Adam Milstein in the article added that there had been a condemnation of Israel’s acts; New-York University has condemned Israel in a guide, two rallies held in Chicago too focused in this condemnation, and it’s seen that the Jewish who tried to be involved during an event to oppose sexual violence was condemned.




The Line that is Drawn in Israel

Israel has been the focus of a multitude of unfortunate issues, both in the present modern world and in the past. Throughout their history, the Jewish people have been persecuted and oppressed by others, a fact that can be found in any history classroom across the United States.

They have been enslaved by the Babylonians, Egyptians, and Romans. The followers of Judaism have been beaten and murdered in the thousands, both by ruthless tyrants and from average everyday people. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

The rest of the world sees the Jewish community in a negative light, which is an image that needs to be addressed if anything is going to ever change for the better. In order to try and resolve these issues and to make positive change diplomats, such as Daniel Taub, are fighting the good fight for the state of Israel.

Daniel Taub was not always a happy citizen of Israel, he was at one point in his life a national of the United Kingdom. Having lived his life as an Englishman he eventually moved his family to Israel in the 1980’s, after visiting the country on vacation. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

A devout Orthodox Jew, Taub has since been dedicated and passionate in his pursuit to serve the state of Israel and its people.

Daniel Taub was recently placed in the United Kingdom as the direct ambassador for Israel. It was during his time there that he was able to make a great deal of headway into economics, spending a vast deal of time into negotiating an increase in international trade between the two countries. Not only has Taub been able to increase trade, he has actually doubled it from what it originally was prior.

This is a big deal considering that Israel now has a foothold in Western Europe. There have already been over three hundred Israeli companies that have gone to the United Kingdom in order to conduct business, with many more slated for the future.

While there is still much work to do in the world in order to increase relations between Israel and the globe Daniel Taub is still focused and attentive to what his mission is.

Now that his position in the Uk has shifted back to the Middle East he will be able to offer his skills to the generation of peace back home. It is uncertain how long peace will take but Taub will make it happen.

Doe Deere Merges Artistry and Business

Who says you cannot have blue hair, pink hair, or purple hair? Who says lip colors should be varying shades of pink or red? Certainly not Doe Deere! Doe Deere, self-proclaimed Queen of Unicorns, is passionate about makeup and all things rainbow. She entered the world of beauty and fashion like a storm before the rainbow, and her creative merger of imagination and ambition led to the launch of her e-commerce makeup line Lime Crime. In a recent interview, Doe Deere shared that “The name Lime Crime stands for color revolution breaking the rules, and not being afraid to color outside the lines!”

Not one to be content with the ordinary, Doe Deere has created a line of lip, eye, nail, and hair color that uses the body as a canvas to paint a bright, bold, and colorful palette for face, nails, and hair. Doe Deere’s entrepreneurial spirit, business acumen, and creativity fuel the success of Lime Crime, an innovator in e-commerce. Doe has always been a trendsetter. At the tender age of 13 in her native Russia, she popularized temporary tattoos and began selling them to her fellow students. Fast forward to the United States, and we find Doe Deere using a varied color palette to empower people to express themselves and their uniqueness through color.

Doe Deere has always been passionate about fashion and, in fact, enrolled at FIT with a major in fashion design. Drowning in a sea of bland beige, Doe was not able to find the vibrant colors she needed to complement her designs. Doe did what any person with an entrepreneurial spirit would do; she decided to develop makeup for unicorns with colors for hair, lips, eyes, and nails with colors that were bold and fearless.

The trademark for Lime Crime is “Beauty with a touch of rebellion, pretty with a touch of grunge.” This trademark led Lime Crime to develop metallic lip colors with names like Raisin Hell and Siren and iridescent lip toppers that are perfect for unicorns and add sparkle, shimmer, and shine to the lips. Lime Crime offers full coverage hair color as well as tints and highlighters in intriguing names like Blue Smoke, Sea Witch, and Caramel. Lime Crime also provides chromatic pop on nails and makeup brushes.

Doe Deere does not adhere to the conventional wisdom that says makeup should hide imperfections and flaws. Instead, she believes makeup and hair color in vibrant and bold colors provides the opportunity for the individual to express his or her uniqueness and style. The Lime Crime color palette for the body is not for the quiet or faint of heart.

If you are bold and aggressive, vibrant and full of vitality, then let Lime Crime celebrate your uniqueness with our fantastic color palette. Let Lime Crime color your hair, eyes, lips, and nails. Be bold. Be fierce. Be a unicorn.


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Securus Technologies Announces Drone Detection Results

Dallas-based Securus Technologies has recently completed an 18-month test of its drone detection technology. The test has been determined to be a success for the prison technology company and they will continue to fine-tune the technology in the coming months.


The need for drone detection technology in the corrections industry has come to light in recent years. There has been an increase in contraband flooding prisons and jails across North America that have been brought in my pilotless drones. The contraband can be dropped into the prison yards and collected by the inmates when they get outside time. Drones allow all types of contraband including tobacco, illegal drugs, weapons, and money.


Securus Technologies is a technology holding company comprised of over 20 subsidiaries. The company operates in North America with over 2,500 corrections facilities, 3,500 agencies, and 1.2 million inmates as its customers. They provide a wide range of technology-based services including electronics payment processing, security, phone and email self-services, parolee tracking, educational services, and many others. The CEO of Securus Technologies is Robert “Bob” Pickens.


The company has over 1,000 employees in its 5 U.S. locations which includes a 300-employee customer service center. That customer service has recently been awarded with three Stevie awards in Las Vegas. The Stevie awards are the most prestigious awards in the customer service and sales industries across the world.


From Medical to Economic, Jacob Gottlieb Has Got It

Dr. Jacob Gottlieb is an Association for Investment Management and Research award recipient. This award was received in 2001. In Providence, Rhode Island at Brown University, Jacob Gottlieb, earned his bachelor of arts in economics.


Dr. Gottlieb graduated magna cum laude when receiving his doctor of medicine (M.D.) degree at New York University medical school in New York city, New York. Even after completing an internal medicine internship at St. Vincent’s Hospital, located in New York City, New York, Dr. Gottlieb just could not deny his passion and allure with the stock market. Jacob quit and went on to live out his dream of being a financial pundit.–cnbc/

Dr. Gottlieb founded a company by the name of Visium Asset management where he would serve as managing partner and chief investment officer in 2005. Jacob Gottlieb’s parents immigrated to the United States in the 1960’s from Poland during a rough time Poland was having. John was born in Brooklyn, New York followed by the birth of younger brothers. Jacob Gottlieb’s mother was a pediatrician and his father a professor of economics at the City University in New York city, New York. It is easy to see where Jacob Gottlieb has fascination with both medicine and economics.


Jacob Gottlieb got his entrepreneurial spirit as a young child when he would sell drinks out on the golf course. Jacob would purchase drinks, load them onto a cart and pull them through the golf course. Jacob was gaining profit by being a young salesman to the golfers.


In order to contend with other the hedge fund industry managers who have been successful in the past, Gottlieb wants to transform his company Visium into a multi-product and multi-strategy force. Dr. Gottlieb is confident in the long term ability in his company due to the culture of the company. Gottlieb believes in doing things the right way and having integrity.


Jacob Gallieb is a supporter of several charities. One charity that Gottlieb is involved in is called Robin Hood. Robin Good is the most grand organization in the city of New York that fights poverty.

Daniel Taub representing Israel in foreign missions

Daniel Taub is an orthodox Jew and a former Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom. Daniel Taub served his term in office during between 2011 and 2015. He is known in the country for the good work he has done in representing the country in foreign missions.

Daniel has played a critical role in representing the country in peace negotiations mission between Israel and one of her neighbors. He was leading Israel during the negotiations with Palestine.

He has a lot of knowledge on the Middle East crisis since he has been at the center of it all before he was appointed the ambassador to the United Kingdom.

Taub is an expert in diplomacy and a lawyer by profession. He has specialized in laws of war and counter-terrorism. His expertise in these fields has been crucial for the country since he is able to assist where there is a need for legal interpretation of the technical matters of counter-terrorism.

Israel is a country that has to take caution more than any other country in the region. It is surrounded by countries which have always targeted them with intention of harming them.

There are terrorists’ cells that operate in the neighboring countries and will attack Israel any time they have a chance. The results is that the country has tightened it approach on matter of security. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

People who have no idea why Israel has been taking such an aggressive move on counter-terrorism do not know anything about the region. Israel is not interested in occupying any other country’s land, they have been forced by the insecurity created by the terrorist groups operating in neighboring countries such as Palestine, Lebanon, and Syria.

These are countries that have posed a security risk to Israel. Israel has to be more prepared to deal with any incursion on their land. Sometimes they have to strike first to disorganize the terror groups.

Daniel Taub role in London as an ambassador also involved working closely with the British media to create a positive narrative about Israel. Britain has some media houses that are followed globally. This means that when one addresses the media such as BBC, you can reach millions of o people across the world.

Daniel Taub took the matter seriously. He normally appeared on TV and other media channels such as the Independent to discuss some of the issues that were ailing the Middle East region. Daniel Taub was happy that at the end of his tenure, he managed to assist his country in establishing good relationship with the U.K.

The Accomplished Career of Bruno Fagali

The Career History & Background of Bruno Fagali
In the administrative and regulatory law profession, there is a reason it takes many years of hard work and sacrifices to just get into the field. The level of skill and precision thinking that it takes out of an individual to succeed in this field far outways that of any other profession. That is why, when we take a look at rare cases such as Bruno Fagali and what they have done in this field, we can do nothing but marvel at what he has done.

In other words, Bruno Fagali has managed to succeed in the administrative and regulatory law profession in ways that no other professional in the same field has. When we consider the challenges and the level of demand that this area takes out of an individual, it truly is amazing to reflect on Bruno Fagali’s career. The fact that he has made a name for himself as a prominent professional attorney in a field where not a lot even get in, says a lot about Bruno Fagali as a man and as an experienced worker.


In many ways, Bruno Fagali has set the bar high for what it takes to become a highly-regarded individual in the field of law. In fact, his brilliant knowledge in this field has allowed him to establish a presence as a leading professional on a global scale. To further drive this point, Bruno Fagali is the standard of excellence in the law profession. As amazing as that sounds, what is more, impressive is the fact that Bruno Fagali is still achieving success now after years of experience, as he always has.

Currently, as founder and leading executive of his company Fagali Advocacia, Bruno Fagali is spreading his advice and knowledge of his profession, while at the same time offering law support and advice for those who ask for it. Bruno Fagali’s ability to handle multiple tasks in his company at once is another one of many reasons he is at the top of his area of expertise. All in all, Bruno Fagali has earned every bit of the respect he has today.

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