Silicon Valley Insider Shervin Pishevar Wants People To Know There’s Rough Investment Waters Ahead

In 2011, Shervin Pishevar hit the investing jackpot. Pishevar was a Menlo Ventures partner, and he liked the Uber concept. Shervin liked Uber so much he raised $26 million to get the startup off the ground. That investment paid off in more ways than one for Pishevar. He became an investment guru who seemed to have a magic investment wand. Shervin followed his Uber investment up with a stake in Airbnb, Postmates, Tumblr, and Warby Parker. When those companies hit the consumer market, Shervin Pishevar became a legend in Silicon Valley.

Shervin Pishevar had enough momentum and money behind him to start Investment company in 2013. He was on top of the startup world, but in 2017 he resigned his Investment company position, and he went into the investment underground. Shervin Pishevar’s short stint underground built a fire under him, and he stoked that fire with a 21-hour tweetstorm. Shervin had things to say about the economy, and he didn’t hold back. Even his friends in Silicon Valley were on the tweeting roasting block. Pishevar’s tweet about Silicon Valley losing ground in the startup industry didn’t sit well with some investors. But Shervin wasn’t tweeting to make friends. He was in a circle the investment wagons mode.

The tweet that ripped a hole in stock investors’ hopes was the tweet that made a lot of investors think twice about their portfolios. One Shervin tweet warned investors of a pending stock market crash. That Shervin Pishevar tweeted sent chills down the spine of people who lost money in the 2008 market crash. This new market crash is not just a Shervin Pishevar premonition. The thought that a stock market crash is on the way makes sense to a lot of investors. But in another tweet, Pishevar said all assets need an adjustment. Gold is still appreciating, according to a Pishevar tweet, but the Bitcoin market is in for a major blow up.

Investors usually follow the advice of investors like Pishevar. But the stock market is too strong to take a hard fall, according to some investors. That’s the same thing some investors said in 2008.

Infinity Group Australia Success Strategies

Being recognized for achievements is always a monumental experience for any company to attain. The Infinity Group Australia has yet again, been recognized for its outstanding reputation with the prestigious award being ranked at number 58, the Most Innovative Company.


Infinity Group Australia reviews shouldn’t come not as a surprise, as this company has risen over the last five years of its inception to this great height. Its founders Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker, have worked diligently to gain these ranks by providing stellar debt relief solutions to its customers. The company strives to help everyday people to achieve their financial goal. Financial freedom is something that everyone is trying to achieve; having the right education on how to use finances wisely can make a difference in how successful you can become. Infinity Group Australia works to help clients to personally setup a financial plan that will help them budget and save for the future. They provide clients with guidance and support for all family situations, making it feasible for any family to gain the financial advantages possible.earn more:


With decades of financial expertise; Holm and Walker have channeled their passion for finance to help other Australian families overcome the idea of living from pay check to pay check. Helping clients reduce debt also reduces stress and allows them more time for family and work. Being able to enjoy the best part of their lives and knowing that their hard work is paying off because they have a great support system this company. Holm continues to strive for success and he credits the key to this, as collaboration. Working with strong contributors and other professionals in the industry that help to provide the business strategies grow. Obtaining expert feedback on company progress, customer feedback, and working toward engagement that provides a positive client experience.


Reaching new heights is always possible for a hard working company like Infinity Group Australia; as they remain one of the fastest growing debt relief companies in Australia. Whether its a young couple just starting out or an older couple planning for retirement, to the single and free just trying to gain leverage in a growing economy, Infinity Group Australia, can help facilitate this process with a personal touch and expert knowledge of every financial situation. A company you can be proud to trust with your finances; backed by its Innovation Company Award.

OSI Industries Remains a Top Food Distributor in the World

OSI Industries is among the prominent distributors of foodstuffs globally, and their expansion trend continues. Even though the company Illinois based company started as a small butcher shop in Oak-land Chicago, it has continued to make many acquisitions to improve on product quality deliver. The former Otto & Sons Company has signed a partnership with many companies from different areas of the world. Through the acquisition of the Dutch Company, Baho food in 2016, the company intended to counter the high demand for meat products in Europe. Baho Food is an abundant producer of snacks and deli meats, and the acquisition would help the customers to choose among other products in beef, poultry, and pork. OSI Industries’ President and chief operations officer, David McDonald embraced the move terming it as a way of strengthening the company’s confidence from its customers.

To strengthen the company’s supply base, it acquired flagship Europe in 2016. Flagship Europe is a company, which produces condiments, pies, and poultry products. The move by OSI to purchase this company was intended to diversify poultry products supply in Europe. The deal was targeted at making the company succeed in Europe as it has done in Asia and United States of America. Flagship Europe has many subsidiaries across Europe, which would help in the distribution of OSI products in a significant way. Another major acquisition done by OSI Industries outside of Europe involved the Chicago based Tyson Foods. The plant is situated near another facility belonging to OSI, and the purchase of the 200,000 square feet Tyson plant provided a larger space for the company to implement its production activities. Additionally, it would boost the company’s distribution mainly across the America market.

The group’s Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer, Sheldon Lavin has worked tirelessly in OSI Industries since the 1970s. Together with the President, MC Donald they have implemented many more acquisitions in the move to make the company a globally relied company as far as food production and distribution is concerned. However, they also oversee the upgrading of the existing plants to boost productivity. One example was the upgrade done in the company’s plant in Toledo Spain. It was done to cater to the rising demand for poultry products in Spain and New Zealand. The plant used to produce 12,000 tons of poultry products annually, but after the upgrade, the plant would produce 24,000 tons annually. Also, the plant, which provides other meat products, would provide a total of 45,000 tons in all its products.

What To Expect From Waiakea Hawaiian Water

The Waiakea, water blend is a rich pH balance of the world’s most pristine water. Enjoy water that has come from the depths of porous volcanic rocks deep below ground. Waiakea means broad waters in Hawaiian. Their founder, Ryan Emmon’s says; his clients should have the opportunity to drink the finest water in the world. He was able to come up with the idea on vacation while his family indulged in the benefits of natures own H2O. In fact, his water products have never been labeled as a spring water. They pride themselves in being a natural water source.

Why Are Customers Choosing Waiakea?

Their pH balance provides their clients with 8.8 concentration that can get rid of free-flowing agents in the veins. Many users have said; they feel energized after drinking the popular Waiakea brand. They also pride themselves in eco-friendly packing and distribution. They’ve tried for several years to create a bottle that is 100 percent recyclable and they were a success. You can choose from quite a few variations of the hydrating water blend. They also contain a healthy amount of electrolytes. You will love the way the Waiakea blend goes down refreshing.

Waiakea Business News

They’ve been named one of the top 500 fastest growing companies in the world. Their water is highly sustainable and has helped thousands of people live an active lifestyle with refreshing water. There is no public access to their water well. Waiakea was proudly founded in 2012 and is the first volcanic water in the world. It’s natural alkaline minerals is also a favorite among their users. Today, their products are shipped around the world. If you’re interested in learning more about the Waiakea brand, you can visit their official website for more content details.,18.htm

Drew Madden and Healthcare Technology

Healthcare technology, also called health information technology or Health IT, describes the planning, implementation, innovation, usage, and upkeep of information technology for the healthcare industry. Boiling that broad description down to its essence, healthcare information systems are expected more and more to boost patient care and general health, leading to lower costs, an increase in healthcare efficiency, a reduction in errors, and a general improvement in patient satisfaction. This is a whirlwind change in healthcare, meaning that gone are the days when medical records occupied large hospital rooms and required hours of trained review and compilation. In the modern world, there are the electronic medical record (EMR), which is a patient’s definitive digital health record to be shared among numerous medical providers and agencies, and the health reporting exchange (HIE), a clearinghouse of healthcare organizations that agree to share data between their various health information systems.

Comparing modern healthcare to that from only 1900, then most hospitals were non-profit institutions, founded and operated by churches. The average life expectancy in the United States was 47 years. Death by infection was commonplace. Hospitals were primitive by today’s standards. Cleanliness and sterilization were not unknown, but still often disregarded. Coming to the hospital by ambulance usually involved a ride in a horse-drawn carriage. In some cases, hospitals were like prisons, where tuberculosis sufferers were confined against their will.

The US healthcare industry today is approaching $8.7 trillion in annual size. While the quality of health care is at its highest ever, the need for and demand for advanced services has skyrocketed, and with it, cost has skyrocketed as well. The goal of healthcare IT is to maintain or even improve the quality of care, while at the same time reducing its cost, cost to providers and cost to patients.

Drew Madden, Managing Partner of Evergreen Healthcare Partners, is a leader in the field of healthcare IT. Drew began his healthcare IT career as an Implementation Consultant at Cerner Corporation. He then worked in healthcare business development, partnering with healthcare organizations on their implementation strategies. He served as president for five years at Nordic Consulting Partners, and then joined Evergreen Healthcare Partners, where he remains today. Madden was a founder of Evergreen, and he describes the company as an advisory firm for multiple EHR platforms and specialized healthcare technology.

My Favorite Jeunesse Product — Instantly Ageless

One of my favorite products for defying the signs of aging comes from a company called Jeunesse. You can’t buy these products in stores because they come from a network of direct sellers. The company is run by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis who founded Jeunesse back in 2009.

They decided to start the company on September 9, 2009, at the 9 o’clock hour. Nine is the sign of longevity and also represents the company’s commitment to thriving. And that’s exactly what their products do — they allow you to thrive.

I always make sure to order Instantly Ageless. This cream works incredibly fast. In fact, the company guarantees that it reduces the signs of aging in just two minutes. And, best of all, it reduces the appearance of fine lines, pores, wrinkles and eye bags for up to nine hours.

The company calls it a micro cream. The cream gets into your skin and works immediately by tightening its elasticity. You can really feel it when you apply it to your face.

I always apply liberal amounts of the cream across my entire forehead in order to reduce the appearance of fine lines. You want to spread it across the entire forehead even if patches don’t contain fine lines because the cream will tighten the entire area. It works almost like a facelift. You want to tighten the skin around the areas with fine lines in order to pull the entire area tight.

You definitely don’t want to put this stuff onto your eyelids. You can apply tiny amounts just under your eyebrows in order to get an eye lift. This stuff is also great at lifting your eyebrows. Apply a good amount to just above the eyebrows and you’ll see a noticeable difference in your face’s appearance.

You can also apply the cream in a triangular area just underneath your eye. It’s also good on a half moon shape covering your cheekbone down to the corner of your mouth. This will greatly reduce the appearance of eye bags. I put this stuff on daily and it works all day long.

Anil Chaturvedi’s Career Traverses The World

For over forty years, Anil Chaturvedi has been a common figure in a number of top international banks. Both investment banks and corporate banks have enjoyed some of his best years.

State Bank of India

Anil Chaturvedi began his career in his home country where he served with the State Bank of India. He served at the bank for four years and was responsible for planning and development. He played a key role as numerous Non Resident Indians chose to invest their resources in the US.

He received the Man of the Year Award for his exemplary services. He helped the firm make more than $500 million from their business engagements during his tenure. This largely came about due to their effective marketing strategies.

Grindslay Bank

He would later move to the Grindslay Bank that has its headquarters in New York City. He took this step in 1991 and spent two years of his career at the bank. Anil Chaturvedi was charged with the responsibility of taking care of all US operations.

He was in charge of compliance issues and oversaw the development of new products. He was also actively involved as the bank established a profitable model. He was keen to mentor other leaders who would carry on from where he left.

Merrill Lynch

In 1993, Merrill Lynch brought him on board as the Managing Director. It was here that he spent a huge chunk of his career. He faithfully served them for close to two decades. His responsibilities here were highly diversified as he served Indians spread out in three continents. He ardently provided investment solutions to those in Europe, the US and in Asia.

Hinduja Bank

At the moment, he serves the Switzerland based Hinduja Bank as the M.D. a position that he has held since the close of 2011. This opportunity took his career to the next level as he has been involved in numerous mergers and acquisitions. He has also been a part of cross border transactions involving India and Europe.


Anil Chaturvedi has built his career through sheer hardwork and diligence, characters that he developed while in school. He studied at Delhi University and in 1971 he graduated with honors in Economics. He followed this up with an M.B.A. from the same institution. This academic background paved the way for an admirable career that was to follow.

Doe Deere Focuses on Cruelty Free Cosmetics and Gains Massive Attention

Doe Deere is the colorful trend setter that takes her own road in cosmetics. Most of her fan base may have never even heart of cruelty free cosmetics because Doe Deere, but she is the one that is putting a new spin on cosmetics. Vegan cosmetics has turned the world upside down, and Doe Deere is the one that is riding the wave for this.

As a time when the world is fascinated with unicorns Doe Deere made the decision to create what she has dubbed Unicorn makeup. This is perfect for all of the preteens that have started to take notice of lip gloss and other colorful products from the Lime Crime collection that was created by Doe Deere. She has proven herself to be someone that follows no one, and that is why people are tuning in on Instagram to see the shades. They are tuning in to see what she is capable on in an industry of cosmetics that typically look the same.

Doe Deere had no problem proclaiming her brand to be makeup that was designed for both girls and boys. In the midst of a LGBT movement this is a big deal. The gender neutral brand that Doe Deere has put in place has enforced a whole new way for people to look at makeup. It makes sense for someone as outspoken for Doe Deere to turn up the heat in an industry caters to such a large part of the population.

Over a million people are checking the Lime Crime Instagram account, and now there are hair dye products and nail polish products to pull in even more customers. This expansion is seriously changing the perception of Lime Crime. It is more than just a makeup company. With the semi-permanent Doe Deere has proven that she can market more than just lipstick and eye shadow.

She has turned a lot of heads with the Venus Palettes. These are some of the most popular products inside of the Lime Crime camp. Doe Deere continues to bring forth these types of accessories for women that want to get creative with cosmetics.

Chainsmokers Match Gorillaz Chart-topping Record

You could see the electronic dance music revolution coming from a mile away. All you had to do was go to Coachella over the last few years and you’d find an electronic music tent. The tent used to be placed all the way in the corner of the grounds for those niche fans that loved to watch DJs spin. But the popularity of the tent and its music continued to grow over the years forcing Coachella to expand the size of the tent. Now it’s stimulus overload in there. Giant LED screens flash intoxicating images while massive speakers pump out the latest in dance music.

The electronic dance music scene has even spilled out of the tent. Massive electronic acts like the Swedish House Mafia and Calvin Harris have taken to the main stage to become headliners at the largest music festival in the world. And it seems the Chainsmokers are not far behind.

That’s because Billboard has recently announced that the Chainsmokers have set yet another impressive record. Their debut album has spent 34 weeks at the top of their electronic music and dance album chart. This ties them with the Gorillaz for third-most time spent at the top.

The DJ duo’s debut album, entitled “Memories… Do Not Open,” dropped back in 2017. It has spent a year dominating the top of the chart. Occasionally, it would fall from number one for just a week or two before rising back to its rightful place. And it looks as though the band will overtake the Gorillaz sometime in the near future.

The Gorillaz are a legendary dance band themselves. But their album, “Demon Days,” was released 13 years ago. It’s incredibly impressive that the album has stuck around at the top of the charts all these years. However, it’s incredibly unlikely that it will ever reach number one again.

Experts believe that the Chainsmoker’s debut album should hit number one again in the near future. The band stays relevant by touring the world and often playing Las Vegas clubs. This keeps the incredibly popular band on everybody’s mind which should vault them to number one again.

Robert Deignan: Best Ways To Learn From Failure

The Tao Te Ching teaches to see failure as an opportunity. Robert Deignan is a successful businessman and entrepreneur that has applied this wisdom when it comes to improving his company. Robert has had many failures during his time as the CEO and co-founder of ATS Digital Services. Many of these lessons were learned the hard way but have also managed to be the best lessons to learn.

One of the best pieces of advice that Robert Deignan has to offer to aspiring entrepreneurs is to listen to your gut. We have an innate instinct that gives us an instant correct answer when trying to decide on the best decision to make. This is not your average conventional business advice, but it has very well served Robert and many other incredibly successful business people. Robert has learned that his gut is always right and is most upset when he ignores it. He has managed to train himself to always listen to his gut. This has required tremendous discipline, according to the entrepreneur.

Being a CEO of a company may sound nice, but it also comes with responsibilities that many are not aware of. The decisions that a CEO has to make are some of the hardest decisions that a person can make in the world of business, especially when it comes to family and friends. Robert has learned that it is best to avoid working with or hiring friends and family. Things may seem great when business is booming, it may even seem like a blessing during those times. But when things get bad and people have to be let go, relationships can be lost. Working with or employing friends or family can also could your judgment when trying to make the best decision for you and your company.

Raising money is also part of being a successful entrepreneur. For this reason, Robert suggests taking caution in who you decide to raise money from. Don’t just go for the investor with the money. Instead, try to find an investor that can invest in your business and help you to generate sales or reduce costs.