David McDonald leads operations at OSI Group

OSI Group, one of the largest food producers in the world has risen to fame because of leadership it has. David McDonald is a dedicated Chief Operating Officer of the company. He started working for the company in the past three decades when he was hired as a project manager. OSI Group which have a history that goes back to 1909 when it was started as a butcher shop by a German immigrant is one of the beautiful stories of success in the food industry. The business from the beginning dealt with the supply of meat products. It growth gained momentum in the 1950s when the McDonalds franchise was started, and the firm hired to supply hamburgers. OSI Group was known as Otto & Sons before 1975.

It was operating as a family business and hence the name. After the deal with the McDonald’s, growth was rapid, and by the end of the millennium, OSI Group had substantial control of the global food production business. Currently, OSI Group is in 17 countries, has employed over 20,000 employees and has opened 65 production plants. David McDonald has been part of the growth that has been recorded in recent decades. He has played a significant role in helping the CEO of the company Sheldon Lavin achieve the goals that the company has of being the leading food producer in the world.

David McDonald has been leading the international expansion of the business. He has seen significant developments and acquisitions in the past two years. The company has developed various food plants to meet the enormous demand for its products. A good example is the OSI Food Solutions plant in Toledo, Spain which has doubled its production of chicken products. There have been acquisitions of food companies in Europe such as Baho Foods and Flagship Europe.

About David McDonald

David McDonald is a graduate of the Iowa State University with a degree in Animal Science. As the current president and COO of the OSI Group, he plays a significant role in community projects, especially those which involve supporting his alma mater. In 2014, he was recognized through the Emerging Philanthropist Award given by the Iowa State University.

The Insights of Wes Edens

Wes Edens has brought a revolution in the field of investment through his notable contributions towards the growth of the Fortress Investment Group. He is the co-founder and part of the firm’s board of directors. He is an accomplished financial guru, and through the vast skills he holds in the field, he has successfully brought growth to the firm.

Wes works closely with other executives to identify the critical areas in the firm that need to be addressed to increase its productivity. He has shown a high commitment towards his career, and he is unstoppable when it comes to achieving his goals.

Before venturing into the investment capital field, Wes Edens was already an accomplished banker. He served in various financial institutions with the Lehman Brothers LLC being his first. He later joined the BlackRock investment, where he got to improve his skills in the field as well as share ideas for the developments of the industry.

Besides paying a major focus on career Wes Edens has also striven to launch his own ventures, partnering with other successful investors., He co-owns the Milwaukee basketball team together with his partner.

The growth of the Fortress Investment Group has been associated with his exceptional commitment and persistence. Wes Edens is an excellent feature in the firm, and he has gained popularity over the recent years for his ability to field its growth by forming partnerships with other entrepreneurs. He profoundly contributed to the firm’s acquisition of the Springfield Investment firm. The partnership saw the shares of the firm increase hence increasing its total revenue.

Besides, the firm has also acquired a vast number of other, and this has seen its executives emerge, winners and achievers when it comes to investment banking. The collaboration and close relationship that the firm’s tea of employees exercise has also played a significant role in helping them achieve the goals and objectives of the Fortress Investment Group. Wes Edens is also a good listener, and he has over the recent years striven to pay attention to the thoughts of his team of employees as well as executives to acquire ideas for the first benefits.

Michael Hagele: Mountain Biking for Beginners

Mountain biking is an interesting sport that almost everyone would want to try out. However, most people start out and give up along the way because of a number of reasons. Experts consider mountain biking as an extreme sport similar to aerial freestyle skiing. Some refer to it as the new golf but there is no need to get frightened by it. According to Michael Hagele, mountain biking can actually be learned by anybody as long as there is a positive mental attitude together with the right equipment.

The best way to get started is to attend a mountain bike skills camp. This is important because it will equip you with appropriate skills that will propel your ambition as a beginner. The problem is that most people take mountain biking lightly and they think that it doesn’t require any special skills. That is probably why most of them give up before they even get started. There are excellent mountain bike programs in places such as Northern Virginia, Northeast U.S, and the mountain west. Follow Michael on Instagram

Introduction of the Rigors of off-road riding

The good news is that some metro areas such as Atlanta and Chicago have introduced mountain biking parks full with groomed training tracks. These tracks are especially perfect for those who are getting started with mountain biking. The tracks also give an opportunity for beginner riders to watch and learn from more experienced mountain bikers.

According to Michael Hagele, an experienced mountain biker as well as a tech industry professional, a beginner should invest in the high-quality equipment regardless of whether it is rented, bought or borrowed. Hagele says that the type of mountain bike a beginner uses will largely determine his success or failure in the long run.

About Michael Hagele

Michael Hagele works as a general counsel for a conglomeration of technology companies in the internet, aerospace, biotechnology and defense industries. Besides that, Hagele also has vast experience in drafting, negotiating and sealing technology licensing and distribution agreements. Before venturing into private practice, Hagele also worked as a general counsel for several venture-capital backed internet firms where he was responsible for all their legal affairs.

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Dr Rick Shinto Changing Healthcare in Puerto Rico

InnovaCare Health is showing a growth unprecedented in the company’s history and it is clear that it is down to one monumental decision by the company – To make Dr. Rick Shinto the new Chief Executive Officer and President in 2015.


InnovaCare Health is one of the major players in the healthcare sector in Puerto Rico thanks to the government’s desire to improve the sector by inviting private companies to participate in the field of healthcare. This allowed InnovaCare to come into the market and over the last three years have grown at an unbelievable rate.


Dr. Rick Shinto took his degree from the State University of New York before taking his MBA from Redlands University brought with him over two decades of experience as he took the helm of InnovaCare Health. His foresight, his care toward the clients to ensure each customer gets the best health solution possible. It’s this customer-centric approach that has made InnovaCare Health the premier destination for Healthcare Solutions.


The company went from 50,000 medicare providers to 250,000 medicare providers as it registered an exceptional rate of growth. Dr. Rick Shinto along with Penelope Kikkinides on the team as the Chief Administrative Officer, who also brings with her 20 years of experience, is making sure InnovaCare Health maximizes their workflow to make it the most efficient version of itself.


Penelope Kikkinides has had a stellar career herself by working in many important positions such as Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Executive Vice-President for Centerlight Healthcare as well as being the COO of Touchstone Health and has worked in other corporations like AmeriChoice, a subsidiary of United Health Group. Her contributions for AmeriChoice was noticed and she was brought back to InnovaCare Health to take over the spot of CAO of InnovaCare Health.


Dr. Rick Shinto over his 20 years of experience in the field has worked in many major corporations like NAMM, California, and MedPartners as well as being President and Chief Executive Officer at Aveta Inc for four years from 2008 to 2012. Under Dr Rick Shinto and Penelope Kikkinides’s leadership, along with the advice from the strong team of executive leadership InnovaCare Health is heading towards a golden age of healthcare not just for the company but for the industry as well as the country of Puerto Rico. Ensuring a healthy and financially stable option for the citizens seeking healthcare solutions in Puerto Rico.


Betsy DeVos and her appointment to Secretary of Education

People that knew Betsy DeVos in Michigan have a difficult time reconciling the images that came from Washington in the year after her appointment to Secretary of Education. They compare the Washington press reports with the images of a resolute Betsy DeVos that led the Michigan Republican Party. Michiganders recall the fierce effort to promote school voucher programs in Michigan and across the United States. The Western Michigan area remembers Dick and Betsy DeVos as the Michigan power couple that changed the face of Grand Rapids. The community recalls that the DeVos’ symbolically fostered a democratic style of education at the Potter’s House; one that has helped a diverse swath of Michigan students elevate their life ambitions.



 Public Office Is Different


It is easier to be in charge of a company that one inherits such as Dick DeVos and Amway, or an effort that one creates like Betsy DeVos and charter school vouchers than a public body like the US Department of Education. While she is the undoubted head of the agency, like every public officeholder, there are a few hundred million bosses- you are ultimately accountable to the people. The press attention can be intense, and the appearance of leadership can matter more than the facts.


Mrs. DeVos has had some troubling press interviews, some unflattering analysis of her tenure at the helm of US education. The essential core has remained, and it is the same rock-solid foundation of beliefs and principles that made her a formidable leader in Michigan. Her Calvin College and Reformed Christian values still flourish in her work. Mrs. DeVos has not lost her fervor for educational pluralism and the most American of all ideals- the freedom to choose.



 Open to Change


The Potter’s House experience added a personal touch to Mr. and Mrs. DeVos’s experiences. They were major funders for the k-12 school that served a diverse community with a rapidly rising Latino population. They contributed more than money, as they both put their hands and hearts into the work by engaging and mentoring students. The lessons given were good, the lessons they learned were even better. Education must meet the needs of families and students.


As Secretary of Education, it is exceedingly difficult to get into a classroom situation and participate. The presence of the Secretary can add emphasis and raise attention to educational opportunities and problem areas. In Miami. Mrs. DeVos made some appearances with the rapper Pitbull at a sponsored charter school in Florida. A rapper known for hard lyrics with tough language, Pitbull has opened several charter schools, the first in Miami, which is his hometown. She also toured private for-profit schools and religious schools.


The notion of pluralism in education in the US now has an active for-profit and private business component. It is the sign of change in US education and a different type of pluralism. In Florida, Mrs. DeVos has deep connections as her family owns the Orlando Magic and an extensive range of businesses there. Mrs. DeVos is at home in Florida and comfortable with the role that business can play. She has seen first-hand the power of philanthropy and the tremendous reservoir of good-will that exists in Michigan, Florida, and across the US.


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Tony Petrello- CEO Of Nabors Industries

Tony Petrello is the current CEO of oil and natural gas drilling technology company known as Nabors Technology. He became the CEO of the form in 2011 and has seen major transformation in the company since then. One of the major achievements he has done in this period is to steer the company post the global financial crisis of 2008. While other companies were making huge losses, Petrello was assisting Nabors in making multibillion dollars profits. He has been the difference for this firm from others which have been making losses and others even closing down. Since he took up the job, he has been making major decisions which have seen the company partner with other multinationals in the oil industry.

Recently, the company was part of a deal that involved the largest oil company in the world known as Saudi Aramco. Nabors agreed to be providing drilling technology to this oil company. This is just one of the deals which have been made possible by the management of Tony Petrello. Another one was an agreement with a firm in Kazakhstan where they are also going to offer drilling technology in a newly found oil wells in the country.

Nabors Industries has a reputation for making major contributions to the oil industry since Tony Petrello joined them in 1991. Currently, they have the best drilling technology in the world. This means that they get more business and in return more profits. The drilling technology employed by Nabors Industries ensures that firms minimize the drilling cost. They apply low cost and effective drilling methods which assure oil companies of positive results.

Tony Petrello joined Nabors in 1991 as the COO of the company. From then, he took decisions which made the company grow rapidly. One of the things he did was to ask the organization to acquire some of the competing firms which could help them expand their operations. The company bought a few of the competitors following his recommendations, and now the results are here for everyone to see. The decisions worked in favor of Nabors. Through a series of decisions he had made while he was in other junior positions when the position of the CEO fell vacant, he became the only choice of the CEO. It was simply a reward of the skills he had demonstrated that proved that he could steer the company as the overall head. Due to his commitment and good work in the company, in 2015, he was among the top-paid CEO in the world.

Find more about Tony Petrello: https://thereisnoconsensus.com/mathematics-law-business-charity-unique-american-dream-tony-petrello/

The Success Journey Of Bradesco Bank During Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s Tenure

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is an entrepreneur and corporate leader born in the town of Marilia in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He was born on October 6th, 1951. Trabuco Cappi went to the University of Sao Paulo and attained a degree in philosophy, science, and literature. He later went for his postgraduate from the school of sociology and politics in Sao Paulo where he earned a Ph.D. sociopsychology and politics.

His career
He began his career in April 1961 at the age of 17 at Banko Bradesco SA, where he was working as a clerk. He went through multiple assignments before he secured several executive positions cumulatively. The positions included the Department Director, Managing Officer, and the Executive Vice President. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is not only an influential and competent leader but also a successful Brazilian businessman. When he was working as the Marketing Director, he showcased his innovativeness and professionalism of which he advanced good communication at the company and improved Bradesco’s relationship with the media across the world.

Luiz Carlo Trabucco Cappi held the position of the Marketing Director for about 8 years and later, he was promoted to be the Chief Executive Officer and worked at that position until 1998 when he again earned a promotion to become the Managing Director. Within one year while still working as the Managing Director, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi got another appointment becoming the Executive President. When the time had come for the election of Bradesco’s new president of Bradesco Seguros in 2003, board members wanted someone well versed and professional, somebody, who had been working with them for long and had the necessary qualifications and effectiveness. Luiz was the most fitted candidate to fill in the position.

His Achievements at Bradesco
Much of Bradesco’s success is owed to the efforts that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi had towards the company, especially when he operated as the company’s president. In 2015, he led the company with the aim to acquire the HSBC, Brazilian branch. The HSBC deal boosted the company and made it climb back to its top level in the Brazilian banking industry. In the same year, he won the Entrepreneur of the year award, and in 2016, he was recognized to be the best Chief Executive Officer by American Forbes. Amidst his upcoming retirement from the company, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will remain celebrated due to his organization and leadership skills he offered especially to Bradesco.

Now, the weight of the company is left to Octavio de Lazari who recently replaced him as the president of the bank. Octavio’s appointment as Trabuco’s successor was confirmed during this year’s bank’s annual shareholders meeting. Among many other things, Octavio is expected to ensure that the integration of HSBC bank within Bradesco runs smoothly.

With the increased number of account holders, Bradesco bank is expected to swing back to the top position after it was overtaken by their rivals in 2009. Octavio and Trabuco are among the longest-serving employees at the bank with an impeccable performance record.

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Alex Pall Of The Chainsmokers Makes Headlines With Newest Music Choices

EDM is a music genre that is hard to make your way into. Once you are in though, you tend to buiild a fan base of fans which will follow you for many years. One of those bands that fans flock to is The Chainsmokers. They are well known for hits like “Roses”, “Closer” and even “Don’t Let Me Down”. The band is focused more on the electronic side more than they are for the lyrics or vocals.

The Chainsmokers band consist of band members Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. For the band mates, when they first started playing together, they enjoyed what they did because of the experience they were getting but also because they were doing what they love. Lately, the band mates have been mixing it up a bit by also performing real lyrics for their fans. For them, the experience was like no other because no one else was performing this way. It made the bar even higher for others to reach if they wanted to be someone.

What is even more impressive about the whole thing is that the band mates are singing about things that have really happened in their own lives. They are taking their life experiences and making them into songs. For their albums, they may not write all the songs that are being performed but they are involved in all the songs in one shape or another.

Not only has the band worked hard to be sure that they are performing top singles, they are also working with top artists who have experience in the music field. One of those performers is Halsey. She worked closely with the band to perform on “Closer”. The band couldnt have asked for someone better to work with. They were a fan of hers well before they had her perform on the single. For the single choice, Drew worked with a pal to write the song while sitting on the tour bus. That is how personal the song is for them. Making the step to include her on the song was something that didnt have to be thought over.


How Rocket Education Brightens the Future of Low-Income Students

It is amazing that some schools in some places like Tennessee are able to know the academic progress the students were able to make last year, while this was not possible in some places. In fact, the elementary schools in places like Davidson County are likely to wait for one more year before they can assess the academic growth their students managed to achieve last year. As the results get released this fall, most of the elementary schools will focus on student proficiency. However, a newer technique that helps public schools to assess student progress has come. It is able to tell how much academic growth the student was able to achieve in the previous year.

To ensure that successful academic ecosystems have been created, Rocket Education has come in handy. It is a non-profit network aimed at improving the learning model and systems in schools. For any parent who wants their children to enjoy a bright future later, investing in good education is not optional. However, this doesn’t always happen since some of the aged students in the public schools are forced to attend some of the underperforming schools within their region. Rocket Education is a great network that regulates the public charter schools especially the elementary ones with the aged students.

This network was founded to ensure that every child has equal academic chances to succeed. The team behind the Rocket program ensures that all the children enrolled in any of the charter schools are provided with equal opportunities and space to help them realize their full potential. The program is much keen on the parents’ involvement in whatever that goes on during the learning process. Rocket Education is focused to see that it has enrolled most of the children who come from low-income families in its programs.

Rocket Education was founded in 2006 with the aim of ensuring that the children who come from the upper, middle backgrounds and those who come from low-income backgrounds have a bridged gap. The team behind this network does everything possible to ensure the program is sustainable. Rocket Education has now crossed to four states in the United States and it has reached over 21 schools in these states.

Understanding The Tweet Storm Of Shervin Pishevar

The nice thing about reading the tweets of Shervin Pishevar is that you do not have to have a degree in economics to understand what he is talking about. He keeps things interesting and lively in a way that a lot of economics reporting simply is not. He tries to spice things up and keep his readers coming back for more. So far to this point he has been highly successful in doing just that. He has made it possible for the everyday person to see exactly what he is talking about and actually come to their own conclusions about exactly how much they should trust the reporting of this person. You have to admit that he has changed the landscape of the way in which these issues are talked about even if you are not the biggest fan of Shervin Pishevar.

Recently he went on his latest tweet storm to talk about a whole range of issues. It was a delightful series of messages in which Shervin Pishevar covered almost everything that has been in the news lately regarding economics. He even threw in some topics that perhaps do not get as much coverage on the news.

The Last Great Startups?- Are Uber and AirBnb the last great hopes that the United States has to offer the world in terms of startups? They are if you ask Shervin Pishevar about it. He does not believe that startups in the United States will retain so many of the advantages that they held over startups in other countries in the past.

Is The American Dream Dead?- People start to get a little touchy when you suggest that the American Dream might be dead. Shervin Pishevar had no problem going there there. As a venture capitalist, he is fearful about what he is seeing in the markets.

Bitcoin- This cryptocurrency troubles Shervin Pishevar in a way, but he does not think that it is completely meaningless like so many other Wall Street types do. He thinks that there is some value in it but that investors should be cautious and perhaps wait until it falls to much lower levels.