How Rocket Education Brightens the Future of Low-Income Students

It is amazing that some schools in some places like Tennessee are able to know the academic progress the students were able to make last year, while this was not possible in some places. In fact, the elementary schools in places like Davidson County are likely to wait for one more year before they can assess the academic growth their students managed to achieve last year. As the results get released this fall, most of the elementary schools will focus on student proficiency. However, a newer technique that helps public schools to assess student progress has come. It is able to tell how much academic growth the student was able to achieve in the previous year.

To ensure that successful academic ecosystems have been created, Rocket Education has come in handy. It is a non-profit network aimed at improving the learning model and systems in schools. For any parent who wants their children to enjoy a bright future later, investing in good education is not optional. However, this doesn’t always happen since some of the aged students in the public schools are forced to attend some of the underperforming schools within their region. Rocket Education is a great network that regulates the public charter schools especially the elementary ones with the aged students.

This network was founded to ensure that every child has equal academic chances to succeed. The team behind the Rocket program ensures that all the children enrolled in any of the charter schools are provided with equal opportunities and space to help them realize their full potential. The program is much keen on the parents’ involvement in whatever that goes on during the learning process. Rocket Education is focused to see that it has enrolled most of the children who come from low-income families in its programs.

Rocket Education was founded in 2006 with the aim of ensuring that the children who come from the upper, middle backgrounds and those who come from low-income backgrounds have a bridged gap. The team behind this network does everything possible to ensure the program is sustainable. Rocket Education has now crossed to four states in the United States and it has reached over 21 schools in these states.