David McDonald leads operations at OSI Group

OSI Group, one of the largest food producers in the world has risen to fame because of leadership it has. David McDonald is a dedicated Chief Operating Officer of the company. He started working for the company in the past three decades when he was hired as a project manager. OSI Group which have a history that goes back to 1909 when it was started as a butcher shop by a German immigrant is one of the beautiful stories of success in the food industry. The business from the beginning dealt with the supply of meat products. It growth gained momentum in the 1950s when the McDonalds franchise was started, and the firm hired to supply hamburgers. OSI Group was known as Otto & Sons before 1975.

It was operating as a family business and hence the name. After the deal with the McDonald’s, growth was rapid, and by the end of the millennium, OSI Group had substantial control of the global food production business. Currently, OSI Group is in 17 countries, has employed over 20,000 employees and has opened 65 production plants. David McDonald has been part of the growth that has been recorded in recent decades. He has played a significant role in helping the CEO of the company Sheldon Lavin achieve the goals that the company has of being the leading food producer in the world.

David McDonald has been leading the international expansion of the business. He has seen significant developments and acquisitions in the past two years. The company has developed various food plants to meet the enormous demand for its products. A good example is the OSI Food Solutions plant in Toledo, Spain which has doubled its production of chicken products. There have been acquisitions of food companies in Europe such as Baho Foods and Flagship Europe.

About David McDonald

David McDonald is a graduate of the Iowa State University with a degree in Animal Science. As the current president and COO of the OSI Group, he plays a significant role in community projects, especially those which involve supporting his alma mater. In 2014, he was recognized through the Emerging Philanthropist Award given by the Iowa State University.

Dr Rick Shinto Changing Healthcare in Puerto Rico

InnovaCare Health is showing a growth unprecedented in the company’s history and it is clear that it is down to one monumental decision by the company – To make Dr. Rick Shinto the new Chief Executive Officer and President in 2015.


InnovaCare Health is one of the major players in the healthcare sector in Puerto Rico thanks to the government’s desire to improve the sector by inviting private companies to participate in the field of healthcare. This allowed InnovaCare to come into the market and over the last three years have grown at an unbelievable rate.


Dr. Rick Shinto took his degree from the State University of New York before taking his MBA from Redlands University brought with him over two decades of experience as he took the helm of InnovaCare Health. His foresight, his care toward the clients to ensure each customer gets the best health solution possible. It’s this customer-centric approach that has made InnovaCare Health the premier destination for Healthcare Solutions.


The company went from 50,000 medicare providers to 250,000 medicare providers as it registered an exceptional rate of growth. Dr. Rick Shinto along with Penelope Kikkinides on the team as the Chief Administrative Officer, who also brings with her 20 years of experience, is making sure InnovaCare Health maximizes their workflow to make it the most efficient version of itself.


Penelope Kikkinides has had a stellar career herself by working in many important positions such as Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Executive Vice-President for Centerlight Healthcare as well as being the COO of Touchstone Health and has worked in other corporations like AmeriChoice, a subsidiary of United Health Group. Her contributions for AmeriChoice was noticed and she was brought back to InnovaCare Health to take over the spot of CAO of InnovaCare Health.


Dr. Rick Shinto over his 20 years of experience in the field has worked in many major corporations like NAMM, California, and MedPartners as well as being President and Chief Executive Officer at Aveta Inc for four years from 2008 to 2012. Under Dr Rick Shinto and Penelope Kikkinides’s leadership, along with the advice from the strong team of executive leadership InnovaCare Health is heading towards a golden age of healthcare not just for the company but for the industry as well as the country of Puerto Rico. Ensuring a healthy and financially stable option for the citizens seeking healthcare solutions in Puerto Rico.