Silicon Valley Insider Shervin Pishevar Wants People To Know There’s Rough Investment Waters Ahead

In 2011, Shervin Pishevar hit the investing jackpot. Pishevar was a Menlo Ventures partner, and he liked the Uber concept. Shervin liked Uber so much he raised $26 million to get the startup off the ground. That investment paid off in more ways than one for Pishevar. He became an investment guru who seemed to have a magic investment wand. Shervin followed his Uber investment up with a stake in Airbnb, Postmates, Tumblr, and Warby Parker. When those companies hit the consumer market, Shervin Pishevar became a legend in Silicon Valley.

Shervin Pishevar had enough momentum and money behind him to start Investment company in 2013. He was on top of the startup world, but in 2017 he resigned his Investment company position, and he went into the investment underground. Shervin Pishevar’s short stint underground built a fire under him, and he stoked that fire with a 21-hour tweetstorm. Shervin had things to say about the economy, and he didn’t hold back. Even his friends in Silicon Valley were on the tweeting roasting block. Pishevar’s tweet about Silicon Valley losing ground in the startup industry didn’t sit well with some investors. But Shervin wasn’t tweeting to make friends. He was in a circle the investment wagons mode.

The tweet that ripped a hole in stock investors’ hopes was the tweet that made a lot of investors think twice about their portfolios. One Shervin tweet warned investors of a pending stock market crash. That Shervin Pishevar tweeted sent chills down the spine of people who lost money in the 2008 market crash. This new market crash is not just a Shervin Pishevar premonition. The thought that a stock market crash is on the way makes sense to a lot of investors. But in another tweet, Pishevar said all assets need an adjustment. Gold is still appreciating, according to a Pishevar tweet, but the Bitcoin market is in for a major blow up.

Investors usually follow the advice of investors like Pishevar. But the stock market is too strong to take a hard fall, according to some investors. That’s the same thing some investors said in 2008.

Understanding The Tweet Storm Of Shervin Pishevar

The nice thing about reading the tweets of Shervin Pishevar is that you do not have to have a degree in economics to understand what he is talking about. He keeps things interesting and lively in a way that a lot of economics reporting simply is not. He tries to spice things up and keep his readers coming back for more. So far to this point he has been highly successful in doing just that. He has made it possible for the everyday person to see exactly what he is talking about and actually come to their own conclusions about exactly how much they should trust the reporting of this person. You have to admit that he has changed the landscape of the way in which these issues are talked about even if you are not the biggest fan of Shervin Pishevar.

Recently he went on his latest tweet storm to talk about a whole range of issues. It was a delightful series of messages in which Shervin Pishevar covered almost everything that has been in the news lately regarding economics.

The Last Great Startups?- Are Uber and AirBnb the last great hopes that the United States has to offer the world in terms of startups? They are if you ask Shervin Pishevar about it. He does not believe that startups in the United States will retain so many of the advantages that they held over startups in other countries in the past.

Is The American Dream Dead?- People start to get a little touchy when you suggest that the American Dream might be dead. Shervin Pishevar had no problem going there there.

Bitcoin- This cryptocurrency troubles Shervin Pishevar in a way, but he does not think that it is completely meaningless like so many other Wall Street types do. He thinks that there is some value in it but that investors should be cautious and perhaps wait until it falls to much lower levels.