Silicon Valley Insider Shervin Pishevar Wants People To Know There’s Rough Investment Waters Ahead

In 2011, Shervin Pishevar hit the investing jackpot. Pishevar was a Menlo Ventures partner, and he liked the Uber concept. Shervin liked Uber so much he raised $26 million to get the startup off the ground. That investment paid off in more ways than one for Pishevar. He became an investment guru who seemed to have a magic investment wand. Shervin followed his Uber investment up with a stake in Airbnb, Postmates, Tumblr, and Warby Parker. When those companies hit the consumer market, Shervin Pishevar became a legend in Silicon Valley.

Shervin Pishevar had enough momentum and money behind him to start Investment company in 2013. He was on top of the startup world, but in 2017 he resigned his Investment company position, and he went into the investment underground. Shervin Pishevar’s short stint underground built a fire under him, and he stoked that fire with a 21-hour tweetstorm. Shervin had things to say about the economy, and he didn’t hold back. Even his friends in Silicon Valley were on the tweeting roasting block. Pishevar’s tweet about Silicon Valley losing ground in the startup industry didn’t sit well with some investors. But Shervin wasn’t tweeting to make friends. He was in a circle the investment wagons mode.

The tweet that ripped a hole in stock investors’ hopes was the tweet that made a lot of investors think twice about their portfolios. One Shervin tweet warned investors of a pending stock market crash. That Shervin Pishevar tweeted sent chills down the spine of people who lost money in the 2008 market crash. This new market crash is not just a Shervin Pishevar premonition. The thought that a stock market crash is on the way makes sense to a lot of investors. But in another tweet, Pishevar said all assets need an adjustment. Gold is still appreciating, according to a Pishevar tweet, but the Bitcoin market is in for a major blow up.

Investors usually follow the advice of investors like Pishevar. But the stock market is too strong to take a hard fall, according to some investors. That’s the same thing some investors said in 2008.

Robert Deignan: Best Ways To Learn From Failure

The Tao Te Ching teaches to see failure as an opportunity. Robert Deignan is a successful businessman and entrepreneur that has applied this wisdom when it comes to improving his company. Robert has had many failures during his time as the CEO and co-founder of ATS Digital Services. Many of these lessons were learned the hard way but have also managed to be the best lessons to learn.

One of the best pieces of advice that Robert Deignan has to offer to aspiring entrepreneurs is to listen to your gut. We have an innate instinct that gives us an instant correct answer when trying to decide on the best decision to make. This is not your average conventional business advice, but it has very well served Robert and many other incredibly successful business people. Robert has learned that his gut is always right and is most upset when he ignores it. He has managed to train himself to always listen to his gut. This has required tremendous discipline, according to the entrepreneur.

Being a CEO of a company may sound nice, but it also comes with responsibilities that many are not aware of. The decisions that a CEO has to make are some of the hardest decisions that a person can make in the world of business, especially when it comes to family and friends. Robert has learned that it is best to avoid working with or hiring friends and family. Things may seem great when business is booming, it may even seem like a blessing during those times. But when things get bad and people have to be let go, relationships can be lost. Working with or employing friends or family can also could your judgment when trying to make the best decision for you and your company.

Raising money is also part of being a successful entrepreneur. For this reason, Robert suggests taking caution in who you decide to raise money from. Don’t just go for the investor with the money. Instead, try to find an investor that can invest in your business and help you to generate sales or reduce costs.

Tony Petrello- CEO Of Nabors Industries

Tony Petrello is the current CEO of oil and natural gas drilling technology company known as Nabors Technology. He became the CEO of the form in 2011 and has seen major transformation in the company since then. One of the major achievements he has done in this period is to steer the company post the global financial crisis of 2008. While other companies were making huge losses, Petrello was assisting Nabors in making multibillion dollars profits. He has been the difference for this firm from others which have been making losses and others even closing down. Since he took up the job, he has been making major decisions which have seen the company partner with other multinationals in the oil industry.

Recently, the company was part of a deal that involved the largest oil company in the world known as Saudi Aramco. Nabors agreed to be providing drilling technology to this oil company. This is just one of the deals which have been made possible by the management of Tony Petrello. Another one was an agreement with a firm in Kazakhstan where they are also going to offer drilling technology in a newly found oil wells in the country.

Nabors Industries has a reputation for making major contributions to the oil industry since Tony Petrello joined them in 1991. Currently, they have the best drilling technology in the world. This means that they get more business and in return more profits. The drilling technology employed by Nabors Industries ensures that firms minimize the drilling cost. They apply low cost and effective drilling methods which assure oil companies of positive results.

Tony Petrello joined Nabors in 1991 as the COO of the company. From then, he took decisions which made the company grow rapidly. One of the things he did was to ask the organization to acquire some of the competing firms which could help them expand their operations. The company bought a few of the competitors following his recommendations, and now the results are here for everyone to see. The decisions worked in favor of Nabors. Through a series of decisions he had made while he was in other junior positions when the position of the CEO fell vacant, he became the only choice of the CEO. It was simply a reward of the skills he had demonstrated that proved that he could steer the company as the overall head. Due to his commitment and good work in the company, in 2015, he was among the top-paid CEO in the world.

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Daniel Taub representing Israel in foreign missions

Daniel Taub is an orthodox Jew and a former Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom. Daniel Taub served his term in office during between 2011 and 2015. He is known in the country for the good work he has done in representing the country in foreign missions.

Daniel has played a critical role in representing the country in peace negotiations mission between Israel and one of her neighbors. He was leading Israel during the negotiations with Palestine.

He has a lot of knowledge on the Middle East crisis since he has been at the center of it all before he was appointed the ambassador to the United Kingdom.

Taub is an expert in diplomacy and a lawyer by profession. He has specialized in laws of war and counter-terrorism. His expertise in these fields has been crucial for the country since he is able to assist where there is a need for legal interpretation of the technical matters of counter-terrorism.

Israel is a country that has to take caution more than any other country in the region. It is surrounded by countries which have always targeted them with intention of harming them.

There are terrorists’ cells that operate in the neighboring countries and will attack Israel any time they have a chance. The results is that the country has tightened it approach on matter of security. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

People who have no idea why Israel has been taking such an aggressive move on counter-terrorism do not know anything about the region. Israel is not interested in occupying any other country’s land, they have been forced by the insecurity created by the terrorist groups operating in neighboring countries such as Palestine, Lebanon, and Syria.

These are countries that have posed a security risk to Israel. Israel has to be more prepared to deal with any incursion on their land. Sometimes they have to strike first to disorganize the terror groups.

Daniel Taub role in London as an ambassador also involved working closely with the British media to create a positive narrative about Israel. Britain has some media houses that are followed globally. This means that when one addresses the media such as BBC, you can reach millions of o people across the world.

Daniel Taub took the matter seriously. He normally appeared on TV and other media channels such as the Independent to discuss some of the issues that were ailing the Middle East region. Daniel Taub was happy that at the end of his tenure, he managed to assist his country in establishing good relationship with the U.K.