Michael Hagele: Mountain Biking for Beginners

Mountain biking is an interesting sport that almost everyone would want to try out. However, most people start out and give up along the way because of a number of reasons. Experts consider mountain biking as an extreme sport similar to aerial freestyle skiing. Some refer to it as the new golf but there is no need to get frightened by it. According to Michael Hagele, mountain biking can actually be learned by anybody as long as there is a positive mental attitude together with the right equipment.

The best way to get started is to attend a mountain bike skills camp. This is important because it will equip you with appropriate skills that will propel your ambition as a beginner. The problem is that most people take mountain biking lightly and they think that it doesn’t require any special skills. That is probably why most of them give up before they even get started. There are excellent mountain bike programs in places such as Northern Virginia, Northeast U.S, and the mountain west. Follow Michael on Instagram

Introduction of the Rigors of off-road riding

The good news is that some metro areas such as Atlanta and Chicago have introduced mountain biking parks full with groomed training tracks. These tracks are especially perfect for those who are getting started with mountain biking. The tracks also give an opportunity for beginner riders to watch and learn from more experienced mountain bikers.

According to Michael Hagele, an experienced mountain biker as well as a tech industry professional, a beginner should invest in the high-quality equipment regardless of whether it is rented, bought or borrowed. Hagele says that the type of mountain bike a beginner uses will largely determine his success or failure in the long run.

About Michael Hagele

Michael Hagele works as a general counsel for a conglomeration of technology companies in the internet, aerospace, biotechnology and defense industries. Besides that, Hagele also has vast experience in drafting, negotiating and sealing technology licensing and distribution agreements. Before venturing into private practice, Hagele also worked as a general counsel for several venture-capital backed internet firms where he was responsible for all their legal affairs.

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