Securus Technologies Helping to Keep Drugs Out of Jails

One of the reasons that me and my fellow officers have seen such a rise in violent crimes in our jail is in direct relation to the drugs getting into out facility. To add insult to injury, inmates will tell you that they have little trouble getting drugs into the jail compared to when they were out on the streets. Drugs and inmates make a volatile mix, so we turned to a trusted source to help maintain order in our jail.


Securus Technologies has been instrument in helping thousands of prisons around the country to maintain safety by utilizing their inmate call monitoring system. The new system frees up the need for officers to be listening to inmates on the call because the LBS software does all the work. In addition to the systems working flawlessly, the employees at Securus Technologies are working around the clock to help us and are committed to their mission statement of making the word safer.


To try an keep the drugs out of the jail, me and my officers will surprise inmates each morning with cell inspections. Once we check every inch of the cells, we hit the visitor center and make certain none of the guests give inmates anything contraband related. These efforts have been successful in the past, but now we have one new resource from Securus Technologies that is a game-changer.


The call monitoring system already this year has helped us to stop a number of potential violent episodes from occurring:


One inmate mentioned his gang leaders in jail forced him to sell drugs and kick the cash to them as part of his initiation.


Another inmate talked about getting drugs from his mother at the visitor center because the guards never search old ladies.


Each time that the alert reaches us, officers are at the ready to stop the situation from turning to a violent episode.


How Little-Known OCC Rowing Team Will Shock the World During the Nationals

The orange coast college is known for many good sporting teams, and one of such things include their rowing team. The OCC rowing team might not be known on a national level, but their performance is nothing short of legendary. Attending one of their training sessions will attest to their skill and dedication, and it is clear that they are bringing nothing but the best come to the national competitions. Learn more:


The teammates work in synch, making sure that they are giving nothing but their very best when it comes to steering the 60-foot needle-shaped carbon fiber boats through Newport Harbor at an average speed of 25 miles an hour. Their teamwork is incredible, their sheer will to win and coordination is out of this world.


Orange Coast College, which was founded in 1947, occupies a 164-acre patch of land in Costa Mesa is considered as one of the best community colleges in the united states. It not only has some of the best technical education programs around but also has the facilities to back it up. It’s no wonder it boasts the enrollment of well over 25,000 students each semester.


Apart from its amazing sporting cultures, OCC also has well over 135 academic and career programs, giving the students the opportunity of becoming whatever they want and being well equipped in whatever it is that they get the chance to do. Students also have the option of transferring to other private colleges and universities if the need arises.


The Nationals will be held at Lake Lanier, Ga, and the team is more than ready to put up a show that will most certainly shock the entire world. The team’s assistant coach, Mr. Steve Morris, is confident that his team is going to shock the rowing world.


“If they are off even by a hair, it disrupts the rhythm.” He was quoted saying.

And that explains why they take practice very seriously to ensure that they are working towards synchrony and power hence increasing their chances of winning. And at this point, all we can do is wish them nothing but the best come the nationals. Learn more: