How Julie Zuckerberg has specialized in sourcing and recruiting Talents.

Julie Zuckerberg is a renowned professional who has specialized in acquiring, hiring and managing talented employees in various companies. She presently works at the Deutsche Bank as the executive talent acquisition lead. The bank is based in New York, and she has been holding the position since 2014. Her roles at the Deutsche Bank include conducting recruitment exercises for professionals who are at the managing director level and also heading the negotiation process that is involved. She has been coaching other recruitment experts who work for the company as well as guiding leadership and executive committees. Julie was once appointed as the Deutsche Bank’s executive recruiter of its talent acquisition unit. She oversaw the company’s business relations undertakings and headed its contract governance.


Zuckerberg started her career as a talent sourcing and management professional about one and a half decades ago. Before being offered a job at the Deutsche Bank, she worked for the New York Life Insurance Company. The staffing expert served as a corporate vice president of the enterprise and was also its experienced recruiting lead. She assisted the firm in conducting the recruitment process and also coordinated with the management to understand how to fulfill the needs of the clients.


The staffing guru also offered her service as Citi. She was the vice president of the organization and executive recruiter. Julie served the firm for about six years. She was offered various roles at Citi, and they include conducting negotiations in the recruitment of company executives, sourcing excellent talents for different parts of the globe, and guiding the company on its recruitment strategies.


Zuckerberg’s first employer was Hudson. She was appointed to serve as the director of candidate placement. Julie held the position for about five years, and her role was to hire employees such as paralegals, managers, attorneys, and casual workers. She also recruited temporary workers for corporations, financial institutions, and legal firms. Julie is a qualified lawyer, and she used her skills in assisting the company in solving conflicts with employees. Her excellent education background and work ethics have significantly helped her to have a successful career.


Julie schooled at the Brooklyn College of the City University of New York and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy. She later attended the New York Law School for her Juris Doctor. Zuckerberg has been working with various professionals throughout her career, and this has enabled to gain skills in employee training, acquisition and management, team leadership, human resources, and conflict resolution. She has also been interested in understanding types of technology that can be used enhancing the abilities of the industry. Besides her career undertakings, she has been taking part in campaigns towards human rights, animal well-being, and assisting people from low-income backgrounds.